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Julia, 38 (1980-07-17)

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Julia (id:2262)

  • Age: 38
  • Date of Birth: 17 July 1980
  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Lugansk
  • English level: Basic
  • Height: 165 cm = 5'5''
  • Weight: 50 kg = 110 lbs
  • Eyes color: Blue
  • Hair color: Light-brown
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Children: 1
  • Education: High school
  • Occupation: not employed
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Preferred partner age: from 30 to 60
As you can see from my photos, I'm a very athletic woman. Yes, it's true, I really like sport and I dedicate all my free time to it. In fact, thanks to sport, I gained a lot of self-confidence, sport gives you motivation and a new goal that you always want to achieve. Fitness has become such a big part of my life. Gym time is only time of the day that I can shut off and not think about anything else. I get to have my “me” time. I get asked a lot why I’m so motivated to work out. It’s not hard to be motivated when you enjoy it. I actually want to work out…)
More about Me
What can I say, I'm very sincere, kind and just a good woman. I can not stand lies and hypocrisy, as for me, these are the worst qualities that can be presented in a person. I love nature, but I'm attracted to big cities too. I am engaged in education of my beloved daughter and adore spending time with her. I also take an interest in human psychology, and I have already read many books on this subject. It seems that it helps me to understand people better and avoid unpleasant people ... Oh yes, I forgot to say that I like to cook all sorts of different dishes, even tried to invent my own "author's" ones. Anyways, you should try and evaluate them. Want to be my personal taster? Ha-ha. If yes, I think we can be a good pair!)
Ideal Relationship
I do not want to sing praises and say what an ideal, young and handsome man I want to find. No, it certainly not, I understand that all people are different, and it is almost impossible to find an ideal one. But there are those qualities that I would appreciate most in a person ... Decency, for me it's the ability to treat as you would like to be treated. Kindness, as our world does not have enough of it... I would really like to find a man who will be really kind to me, with whom I will feel myself safe as behind a stone wall. Perhaps on this I will finish my narrative and I will wait for your answer!)
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