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Yaroslava, 28 (1991-11-15)

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Yaroslava (id:1454)

  • Age: 28
  • Date of Birth: 15 November 1991
  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Lvov
  • English level: Basic
  • Height: 175 cm = 5'9''
  • Weight: 59 kg = 130 lbs
  • Eyes color: Blue
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Children: 1
  • Education: College
  • Occupation: manager, model
  • Religion: Orthodoxy
  • Preferred partner age: from 25 to 54
I am a big admirer of an active time-spending. My beauty is the reason of not only nature but also my hobby. I like fitness much and I can not deny that fact that I do it regularly. I also like reading a lot. Internet is nice thing but I do believe that people overestimate it much, spending a lot of time surfing it in hope to become smarter. Because, there are so much fake things. But the books are true thingsю I don’t know, maybe I seem to be naive but I do trust them more. And that fact that internet is in that easy access to wide range people doesn’t really make me feel save. I like talking with people. I am a big listener. It happens, nowadays, rarely to find a good listener. People are so rush in their routine and that just have no time to devote it others. I am also a busy person but I prefer listening rather talking. When they start to talk, they are in hope to find the solution and the most amazing thing is that while they are talking; they automatically realize their solution on their own and it makes them to look so happy and I literally love it.
More about Me
I am a simple woman, who wants to be happy in her life and to make people happy around. I am no way passive in my way of being. I have some path to follow in my life and I do it deliberately fine. People tend to ask me what motivates me. I answer, smiling: ‘"Should something really motivate us if the world is so nice and you can literally do everything you want to change it and make even nicer?" I am not a kind of adventurous girl, but I have always that special taste of it. I am more into tasting life rather than challenging it. However, the life is so unpredictable that tasting is not enough to follow its path and I am always ready to change it in the way it should be done. So, maybe, that is the reason why I am here, to change my life. Because I feel like there can be created something more bright and more beautiful than I have right now.
Ideal Relationship
I do want relations, based on respect, trust and honesty. I am not a big believer in dreams and I do realize that nobody is perfect but I do believe that there is a kind of pattern, which makes lives stable and full of peace. So, I need, my love to be like this, the one who will share my kind of struggles in creating that special pattern to provide a really nice life.
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