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Finding a true love is no longer a magic. These people succeeded in their pursuit of love, and so will you. Let nothing stop you on your way to happiness!
Maria and Charles
Happy couple Maria and Charles
14 June 2014

This couple spent 6 months in chat on MyMagicBrides and only then Maria and Charles decided to set the date of meeting in Georgia. "That was a dream come true to meet Mark after chatting every day, we both were worried and excited. 10 days in Georgia were as one for us and I already miss him. My 7 year son also misses him. We planned that our next meeting will be in summer. Now I try to do something to make time go quicker... I love him and wish to spend my whole life hand in hand. We cherish every happy couple and wish them love and many happy years.

Chris and Nadejda
Happy couple Chris and Nadejda
19 May 2014

We all want to love and be loved. Chris and I also wanted family and love very much. A lonely woman from a small Ukrainian town and a lonely Australian man. We both believed that it is possible to meet someone and devote our lives to each other even if we are so distant. We began to send letters each other nearly every day because letters were the only thing we could do. The huge distance between us couldn't stop or weaken our communication and special communication because the power of thoughts, magic of dreams is very strong. But of course we wished to see each other in reality to feel chemistry between us and fall in love to the end. And therefore once it occurred!!! Chris arrived to Ukraine to meet me in my home town. We spent some time together. I showed him the place where I was born, and even took Chris in the house of parents to meet them. And it was important for us both. I let him enter my world. We liked each other and still keep in touch hoping to be together. Because I can't believe that this meeting was just the only one

Paul and Svetlana
Happy couple Paul and Svetlana
08 March 2014

If two people find each other nothing really matters. Kilometers, languages, distinctions in culture and age mean nothing. We need to be open and sincere, love is not only pleasure, it's a hard work. Paul and I began to correspond in November, and after some letters we understood that we have to see each other and check whether what we feel is real or not. We promised not to put too much pressure for the first meeting. We met semi-annual anniversary of our correspondence and spent three fine days together, going along streets of beautiful Kiev, holding hands and enjoying our moments. I was struck with his politeness, gentle and sparkling from his eyes when he looked at me. I felt like a queen. Now we think about the second meeting and I'm happy!