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Finding a true love is no longer a magic. These people succeeded in their pursuit of love, and so will you. Let nothing stop you on your way to happiness!
Hans and Juliana
Happy couple Hans and Juliana
05 December 2016

In one of snow days in December I was prepared for a meeting with Hans. Before our meeting I was a little excited because I never met the foreigner before... When I met him, he was very talkative and I felt better at once =). We met in the hotel Hall. Then we went to restaurant where we spent good evening. We discussed our expectations before our meeting and our feelings. It was remarkable evening, and after it we say much in a chat and we plan to meet again in April. I miss him and keep his photos because it makes me happy and optimistic!

Olga and Kevin
Happy couple Olga and Kevin
30 September 2016

I have to confess that in the very beginning of my search of love on the Internet, I had great doubts, I will ever find it. I couldn't understand how it was possible to fall in love with someone whom I never met. My friend offered that I was registered in the agency. She found the husband by means of this agency and now is happy in marriage. I looked for the second half for 3 years without results. I received many letters, but had no real meetings. I was sad about it. Time passed by, and I was still lonely. When Kevin wrote to me, I couldn't even assume that we will become that close. He was very nice in the letters to me and often sent me flowers. I waited to meet him with big impatience. We corresponded within 4 months, and we still do, but I really hope to be with him as soon as possible. Time we spent together was full of romance. I was happy with him. I take intensive English language courses now. Once again thanks for all your help!

Elena and Frank
Happy couple Elena and Frank
17 August 2016

I met Frank here this spring. And already in summer we decided to meet. I was very happy that he came from England to Odessao see me. We spent four unforgettable days together. It is hard to really know the person per letters, but after our real meeting I understood that Frank is the person I really need. During his visit to the Crimea we tried to spend as much time together as we could, but we had a problem - language barrier, but we overcame it by means of my good friend who was our interpreter. But I could always read him through his eyes. We visited many interesting and very romantic places in the Odessa. We made a voyage by the boat in the Black Sea, near the coast. Also we visited many other interesting places, and I tried to show him beauty of my country. He also liked borsch that I cooked for him. After these time we decided to stay a couple and he is going to come back to me in autumn. I believe that it will bring us more joy and happiness.