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Finding a true love is no longer a magic. These people succeeded in their pursuit of love, and so will you. Let nothing stop you on your way to happiness!
Valentina and Helmer
Happy couple Valentina and Helmer
30 March 2017

Our story with Helmer started here on MyMagicBrides at cold December of 2016. Helmer's letters war very warming and tender. I liked his wonderful sense of humor and joyful mood. We spend four months in a heart-to-heart corresponding and finally, Helmer took a trip to Ukraine. We met in Kiev. Helmer arrived just before my 30th anniversary to congratulate me in person! He gave me a wonderful sweater which he knitted himself. We spent wonderful days together! Although we were already familiar with each other, talking in person while holding hands gave us really romantic experience and raised our feelings to a new level. We still correspond and I always feel excited when receive a word from him!

Yana and Jeff
Happy couple Yana and Jeff
10 March 2017

Yana met Jeff on our website. After many letters to each other they finally decided to meet. As Jeff planned to spend the vacation in Ukraine in the city of Nikolaev, he asked Yana to come there too. Jeff met her in Odessa and they then went to Nikolaev. They spent 14 days as a couple and everything was great. After their meeting they still write messages to each other using our website and plan the second trip.

Anna and Paul
Happy couple Anna and Paul
02 March 2017

We communicated this way quite long... Within 8 months we learned a lot about each other and at last it happened! He visited Kharkiv and stayed for 3 days, but it meant the world for me... We saw each other for the first time when we met near our rented apartment. Paul gave me a gift - a fine purse which won my heart! It was really sweet! Thus, we decided to eat outdoors. We were followed by our interpreter who offered to test Ukrainian dish okroshka. He decided to give it a try, but didn't love it. He seemed to be worried and confused. It was the long-awaited meeting after 8 months of letters between us, We were struck with feelings :)) Then next day we visited a lake in the suburb of Kharkiv. Paul was a musician, he played the guitar, and it was so romantic, We had a remarkable evening, talked to each other. He has a good sense of humour and his jokes made us even more happy. Then we spent some more time near Kharkiv by another lake. We swam, sunbathed and were just enjoying our time together! In the evening we had a big entertainment at small restaurant on a coast of the lake. But it couldn't last forever... he had to leave the next day. We were very sad, but he promised to come back in September! I can't stop thinking of him and wait for him to come again!