Chat FAQ -
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Chat FAQ -


happy couple chatting
About chat

Chat is a place where you became truly close with your beloved one. Real-time conversation and live video will bring you a lot more warmth and will move your relationship to a next level.

The chat consists of two services - text chat and the live video. Text chat is a service to correspond with your woman in real-time with short text messages while live video allows you to watch her reaction.

Although these services located on a single page, you can use them separately, e.g. chatting without watching video and watching live video without chatting. But of course, the best way of using these services is to chat while seeing your woman's expression in real-time.

Getting into chat

There are multiple ways to open chat page. The first and most simple, is pressing the "Chat" link on your profile homepage. Also, you can use "Chat now" button on the lady's profile page or gallery, doing this will navigate you to the chat page where she will be already selected.

You can also click here to open chat page immediately.

Account homepage

Account homepage

Gallery page

Gallery page

Woman's profile page

Woman's profile page
Chat page interface

Chat page consists of several zones, each serving its own purpose. Click buttons below to see each zone's description:

Women online Contact list Message editor Message history Video panel
Inviting lady to chat

First, you need to select a lady from the women online list or the contact list if she’s in there already. Her portrait will be displayed in the message editor area. Write her a short chat invitation to catch her attention and press "Invite to chat" button.

The invitation lasts for five minutes. Now it’s up to lady whether to accept your invitation or not. When the lady accepts your invitation, chat session will be started immediately. You can have multiple chat sessions with many women at the same time, use contact list to switch between them.

Select a woman from

"women online" list

Select from women online

Or select a woman

from contact list

Select woman from contacts

Write inviting message and

press "Invite to chat" button

Write inviting message
Answering chat invitation

The website handles incoming chat invitations differently. If you have a tab in your browser with opened chat page, all invitation will be displayed there. If not, you will receive PopUp-style invitations on the tab where you currently browse MyMagicBrides.

There are three possible ways of answering to chat invitation:

  • Start chat - accepting chat invitation will initiate a chat session right away.
  • Not now - this is a polite form of saying "no" to invitation
  • Block - if the woman just keeps sending you unwanted invitations, you can temporary block her.

After 30 minutes she will be unblocked automatically. If you changed your mind, you can also unblock her on your own. Be advised, ladies send and receive invitations in the same manner and also can block you for 30 minutes.

Pop-up chat invitation

Pop-up chat invitation

Chat invitation on chat page

Chat invitation on chat page

Reacting on invitation

Reacting on invitation
Watching live video

Starting to watch live video is very simple, all you need to do is select a woman with a webcam icon from the contact list or woman online list. The Video panel will refresh and "Watch Live Video" button will become enabled. Press it to start watching video. You can watch only one live video at the same time.

Webcam icon near woman profile

Webcam icon

Video panel becomes active

Active video panel

Watching live video

Watching live video

Just like other services, chat and video are paid with credits. But unlike letters, where you pay fixed amount of credits, each chat and live video session are paid per minute. The cost of minute is deducted from your credit balance each time next minute starts.

The prices are:

  • Chat (one minute): 2 cr. on bronze, 1 cr. on free trial, silver, gold and platinum.
  • Live video (one minute): 2 cr on bronze, 1 cr on free trial, silver, gold and platinum.
  • Chat + live video (one minute): 4 cr on bronze and 2 cr on free trial, silver, gold and platinum.

See prices page for more information about services and it's prices.

Free chat minutes

Free chat minutes is a special type of bonuses that allows you to use chat or live video without spending credits. Each free chat minute equals one minute of text chat or one minute of live video. Free chat minutes are awarded for certain actions, like signing up, completing your profile's description or uploading photos.

When you have free chat minutes, they will be spent before credits.