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How it works -

Online dating in a nutshell

Hi there! This little article can help you understand how to build a relationship with a
woman who lives far away. To keep it simple, we'll divide this process into seven easy
steps. Let's get started!

create a profile

Of course, you'll need a Profile here

Fill in as much information as you can. Women
trust men with complete profiles. That will show
that your intentions are serious. Also, don't forget
to upload a photo. At least one!


search for a woman

Look through our Galleries, select a woman
that attracts you, and study her profile carefully.

Pay attention to her interests and approach to
life. Is this the woman you've been searching for?
There's only one way to find out!


Get acquainted

Next, you should exchange a few messages with
her, just to make sure that she is interested in you
too. There’s no need to write her a love poem right
from the start! A simple "Hello I like you" would
even be enough. If she answers you, you have the
green light, brother!


Exchange life stories

At this point, you have the opportunity to ask
each other many questions. Ask her about every-
thing and try to answer her questions as well. If
you don’t know where to start, ask about the things
that the woman wrote in her profile - she would
probably enjoy discussing them too!


Build a relationship

If you’ve gotten this far, then it means you like
each other a lot! Tell her about your everyday
events, your emotions, and your thoughts. Share
good and bad moods with her. Send her pictures.
Make your little love conversations an everyday


Meet one another

Your love knows no borders! Plan a trip to her
country, or help to organize her trip to yours. Dis-
cuss it together and make it happen. This is where
you step together into a real relationship.



You’ve finally found the love of your life, and
nothing can stop you from becoming the happiest
man in the world. Oh, just one more thing - share
your success here on MyMagicBrides. That way,
you can let others know that it’s really worth the