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What makes Ukrainian girls so special? Maybe, their sparkling eyes? Or their cheerful down-to-earth attitude? Yes, these and many other characteristics make the girls from Ukraine attractive and desirable life partners for men from around the world. Yet, we believe that the most significant character trait typical for Ukrainian women is their strong family-oriented approach. Men in many countries have a hard time finding women eagerly willing to create a family and have children because Western women have recently become too finicky and career-obsessed. You will hardly encounter such a problem with a Ukrainian life partner! Even though many young women in Ukraine have successful careers, they also want to build a strong family to achieve a complete success in life.

How to win a Ukrainian girl`s heart and mind? First and foremost, you should show her that you care about her – which is a #1 courtship rule when approaching just about any girl in the world. Yet, there are specific types of advice called to defy some stereotypes and become culturally and mentally aligned with your Ukrainian sweetheart.

Do not behave like a desperate man

We all perfectly understand why men and women meet: to have meaningful conversations, to find support and understanding, to develop relationship and have sex. However, avoid a sexual connotation in each discussion you have because you will look like a desperate man. It takes time to build trust and grow attraction. A girl will feel your desire, just do not show it explicitly.

Choose the right venue for a date

Spend some time learning about your girl`s preferences in advance of your first date. This is one major factor in making a great first impression. For example, if a girl mentioned that she is particularly inspired by horses, it will be smart of you to organize a horseback ride and a picnic at a park as opposed to spending two hours in a cafe.

Give fine compliments

Indeed, Ukrainian girls love with their ears. But it takes a certain social finesse to say smart compliments that are appropriate and to the point. Avoid clumsy, cheesy and vulgar compliments. Of course, you can and should compliment a Ukrainian girl on her appearance, but do not forget to compliment her on her dreams, achievements and character traits as well.

Do not behave like a girl`s master

A little quantum of jealousy might make a relationship nicely spiced-up, but if you start getting jealous of every pillar along her way, eventually, your relationship will be doomed. If you cannot trust her, then what kind of life together can you talk about?

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