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So, why are there Russian mail order brides and what brings them into online international marriage agencies? To tell the truth, there are lots of wrong views, circulating about brides from Slavic countries. One of the most exploited stereotypes is the image of Slavic women, desperately seeking for the way to escape from their countries at any cost. It could be the truth for some of the women, but majority of Russian ladies finds themselves at international marriage websites for other reasons.

The term “mail order bride” is quite outdated, though still in use. Mail order brides (according to wiki) are women who put their profiles into online marriage services in order to find a husband abroad. Increasingly, single men from Europe and United States are turning to international dating and marriage agencies to find the love of life and spouses from the former Soviet Union countries.

So, answering a question why are there Russian mail order brides, we can highlight some reasons:

  • Women from former USSR countries are used to the low lever of social recognition and, even if nowadays situation in these countries is improving, women are still suffering from the lack of men’s respect, low level of culture and (the major problem) men’s alcoholism. Russian brides consider western men as more gentlemen with good attitude to women.
  • Social protection and opportunities for the realization of personal potential in profession.It doesn’t meant, that she will be building a career, but due to her Slavic nature, she will not be happy just sitting home and doing housework solely.
  • Favorable environment to raise children. It includes many factors – social and legislative protection, level of education and medicine. And it’s absolutely normal when future mothers wish the better life, safety and more opportunities for her children.
  • Yes, the higher level of life which every normal person wants to live with. This is one of the main point why are there Russian mail order brides and it’s an absolutely understandable reason.
  • Finally, one more reason why are there Russian mail order brides. They just use Internet marriage services to widen their choice and increase the chances to meet “Him” without spending lots of time dating in real life.

Russian brides are reasonably considered as great life partners. Educated, polite, trustworthy and naturally beautiful, they deserve a better life, full of genuine love and respect. And we totally agree with that!

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