Men around the world dream of dating and marrying Russian women. There are hardly other women quite as desirable as the Russian ones. Are they really so beautiful that women from other countries pale in comparison? What do you need to know to decode the mysterious Russian soul? Continue reading to have your most urgent Russian women related questions answered!

What are Russian beauties like?

  • Feminine: Russian women value their femininity and cherish their ability to bear and nurse children. More often than not, Russian beauties dress in a feminine way. Often you will see a Russian lady wearing a skirt and high heels as opposed to jeans and comfy footwear, even in the nastiest winter day.
  • Attractive: Most Russian women pay great attention to their physical shape and staying fit is part of the beauty ritual. Fashion is a big deal in Russia and women tend to wear the latest styles.
  • Smart and Hardworking: Many Russian women are well educated and intelligent. Over 60% of Russians earn a university degree or higher and some 90% of the Russian ladies you will encounter online are likely to be college graduates. Russian women also like to have a professional career, so they will not depend on their husband for everything.
  • Family Oriented: Women from Russia tend to be family oriented. There is a popular belief in Russia that a successful woman is incomplete without happy marriage and motherhood.
  • Mature: Russian women tend to demonstrate more maturity than most other women of the same age. A typical Russian woman is often described as open-minded, friendly and not quick to judge. A great combination of traits to sustain a strong relationship!


What are the attributes of a dream man Russian women looking for?

  • A decision maker with leadership qualities: Russian ladies often expect their husbands to take a lead in the family. They rarely fall for indecisive men.
  • A gentleman: Russian beauties usually prefer a true gentleman as they still hold on to their feminine style and like being pampered. Gallant gestures such as pulling out her chair or opening the door for her will make a positive impression.
  • A devoted man: It you want to date a Russian woman, make sure you let her know she is your priority. Russian ladies want a devoted man who will not let her down.


Some cultural sensibility goes a long way when it comes to dating Russian women. On you will encounter thousands of Russian beauties looking for a man of their dreams – the ideal place for you to meet a gorgeous Russian lady. Take the next step and start interacting with them online on now!

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