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If you’re new to online dating, you might feel lost at the thought of having to create one or maybe even multiple online dating profiles that represent you as a person and as a potential partner. It might be easy for some guys to just put some words and sentences together to get a brief description of themselves and their ideal partner, but will that description do well in attracting other people? We don’t want you to have doubts about your dating profile and its efficiency, so we have compiled a series of tips that will help you make your online dating profiles stand out and shine.


  1. Describe your personality, not your social status and achievements

Your profile has to reveal your personality, so that the person viewing can feel an instant connection with you. This won’t happen if you simply state that you’re a successful lawyer who was born and raised in NYC. Adding information about your past achievements won’t help either, because it hardly gives your potential partner a glimpse of your personality. So, instead of providing basic, factual information, try to figure out your best personality traits, such as being funny, outgoing, caring, romantic, or devoted, and present them in your profile.


  1. Focus on the character of the person you’d like to meet

Avoid giving too much thought to the hobbies, interests, educational background and physical characteristics of your ideal partner. If you do so, you risk coming across as shallow and pedantic, which might put people off. Instead, describe the character of the girl you’d like to date. Is she active and outgoing? Maybe shy and romantic? Imagine the character of a potential partner that appeals to you, and lay out a brief description of it in your profile.


  1. Give details and actual examples

Giving your profile viewer a generalized statement like “I enjoy reading” does not provide enough definition for them to see whether your interests, passions and ideas match. For all she knows, you could be into modern phantasy or XVI century poetry, and she doesn’t have to guess or assume anything from your profile. So, if you do enjoy reading, you’d better include some details about your favorite authors, genres, and possibly, characters.


  1. Leave out the information about things you don’t want to see in your ideal partner

Are you planning on including a list of personal qualities you wouldn’t tolerate? Or maybe you are keen to show that you don’t want any pets in the very first paragraph of your dating profile? If so, you’d better change your mind about that, because including that in your profile will most likely showcase you as a pessimistic, cynical, or narcissistic person, and you probably don’t want that.


Finally, (as a bonus tip), make sure to check your grammar and spelling in the online dating profiles you create. This will make your profile stand out among dozens of other profiles with typos and basic grammar mistakes.

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