Russian women are very mysterious creatures and sometimes it is rather hard for men to understand what they need. At the same time we all strive to get ladies interested in us. We are eager to make a good and lasting impression talking to them and showing our great interpersonal skills. Some of men are too pushy while others are very shy. Getting a girl interested in you is not as easy as it may seem from the first sight, especially when it comes to Russian brides.

Every Russian bride is not only wise but also very educative and has wide knowledge in the majority of topics. That is why you need to be self-confident. Here are several easy but efficient tips that will certainly come in handy while getting a woman interested in you.

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1. You do the most talking

The best way to attract a woman is to talk to her. On the other hand that will also depend on type of Russian bride as well as her character. Nevertheless about 75% of conversation must be led by men. Do not forget to ask redundant questions so that she could feel that she is also involved into communication process. At the same time you should never interrupt her if she tries to take the lead. The main idea is to keep the conversation as light and playful as you can. This will certainly make a good impression on her. Read More →

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Every woman draws romantic pictures of her future life in marriage with her soul mate. Russian brides are not an exception. They all hope that your love will last for good. But if you ask Russian bride few years later after wedding if this is the same men that married next to her, she will say “no”. Well, ate least 60% of them will say “no”. Something strange happens after you say “I do” and next few years your life. Sometimes people wish they have never got married. This is the beginning of the end. We will help you to avoid such things and save your marriage to a Russian bride.

First of all we should divide you marriage life into several categories in accordance with periods. In some situations they may last in different way. That’s all depends on your relations and attitude. Read More →

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Do you want to have happy, calm, traditional family life? Are you seeking for a beautiful, honest and well-natured wife, who is both great cook and faithful, affectionate lover?

That is, actually, exactly how the Russian brides wiki and other Internet recourses describe Russian wives-to-be.

Having that special Slavic mindset, being naturally gorgeous and gentle, brides from Russia are extremely respectful to their husbands. Wonderful genetic and cultural background makes these wives reasonably most demanded all over the world. This fact has been confirmed not just by Russian bride wiki articles, but more by massive feedback from the real men who already got married to their beauties. Read More →

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It’s not surprising that one of the most popular questions Mr. Google is being asked is about who are the most beautiful women in the world. Though the beauty is quite a subjective thing, there is an indisputable global statistic, indicating men’s preferences in appearance of potential love partner.
As a matter of fact, men are kind of a “buyers” on the market of brides. They are often too picky and choosy when it comes to the qualities of the future girlfriend or (especially) wife.
But whom they are searching for? What do they need their ladies to have? Is that just a physical beauty or something more? Read More →


It’s impossible to overvalue the role of respect between a man and a woman if they intend to have stable, reliable, long-term relationships.

One of the main reasons why Russian brides are seeking for husbands from western culture – is a severe lack of respect from Russian men. Women reasonably complain about men’s disrespectful, arrogant attitude and overall problems with the alcohol.

Women from former Soviet countries expect from western men much higher level of culture and healthy lifestyle. So, if you want to play in a league of “good guys” – show to your potential Russian girlfriend respect and appreciation. Read More →

It goes without saying that western guys (particularly men from USA) show significant interest to Russian brides nowadays. Explosive growth of international dating services brings unprecedented opportunities to both love seekers – to women from Russia and former USSA countries and American men, charmed by Slavic girls. Why charmed? This is a case we are going to investigate and we invite you to find out what is the secret of those women from cold, far and mysterious Russia.

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To make a long story short, let’s take a look at TOP-5 reasons, why American guys prefer Russian women: Read More →

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If you decided to give online dating a try, you are probably looking for not just a one-night girlfriend, but a partner for long-term relationships which will lead to a marriage. The same is fair for women, who are more likely to focus on marriage rather than seeking for love adventures. Just take a look at the profiles with self-description under the Russian brides photos. You’ll find that almost every Russian lady mention a perfect marriage and a happy family as a dream and a highest priority in life. Read More →

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Well, it’s not a secret that women from former Soviet countries consider as the most beautiful ladies in the world. Is that true and who evaluates such a subjective thing as beauty?
We can safely assume, that a huge role in this stereotype played numerous online dating websites, which offer to watch Russian brides photos for free.

Yes, all girls at dating websites are looking like models and this forms an opinion that Russian and Ukrainian women are most beautiful. Indeed, they have those Slavic special facial features, feminine bodies; they take very good care of their skin and do really dedicate much to look best possible. Read More →