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Every woman draws romantic pictures of her future life in marriage with her soul mate. Russian brides are not an exception. They all hope that your love will last for good. But if you ask Russian bride few years later after wedding if this is the same men that married next to her, she will say “no”. Well, ate least 60% of them will say “no”. Something strange happens after you say “I do” and next few years your life. Sometimes people wish they have never got married. This is the beginning of the end. We will help you to avoid such things and save your marriage to a Russian bride.

First of all we should divide you marriage life into several categories in accordance with periods. In some situations they may last in different way. That’s all depends on your relations and attitude.

1. Happy Russian Bride

The first half-year of your happy marriage can be described as “happy bride”. Your wife is absolutely satisfied with everything around her. However this period can be shortened in case she starts feeling the lack of attention and intimacy. If you want to prolong this period as long as possible, you need to provide her with huge amount of romance, passion and commitment during this period. You will be certainly rewarded for that. It will also be beneficiary for you to face some storms together and put them out successfully. This will encourage her and make believe that you are the one and only.

2. Ideal Wife

Now we have reached the second phase of marriage that can be called “ideal wife”. Well, household duties and tasks may not be a problem in case you have lived together for a long time before the marriage. If not, you should be prepared for a serious talk. You must always be ready to share household chores with your wife. Russian brides can’t stand when they are compared with traditional housewives. They have strong personality and you should keep up with that at least for some time.

3. Children oriented

Needless to say, that every woman wants to become a mother. Russian brides are eager to become young mothers. This should not be considered as disadvantage. But you should be prepared to some changes in her attitude. From the moment you give her a ring you will be considered as the future father of her children. You role is to keep giving her necessary amount of passion and intimacy. She should feel herself a woman first of all but not a future mother.

4. Two different people in one bed

This stage comes after 8-10 years of marriage. Women start thinking that they have never had a chance to express their creative potential. They start dreaming of new job that result in new ambitions. This period is rather tough and challenging for every man. On the one hand you are supposed to support your woman by all means. On the other hand you should prevent her from making wrong decisions. Always keep talking to her discussing possible future perspectives. Try to be supportive and wise at the same time. If you succeed, you will be the happiest man in the world. Prepare for a very hard work.

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