How to avoid online dating scammers
According to some investigators studying online dating scams, this “industry” may be worth at least $100 million. It is likely that dating scams is a much bigger phenomenon since most online date scam cases are not reported. People tend to feel ashamed to admit that they have been taken advantage of, and the more obvious, in hindsight, the scheme is, the harder it is to admit to. Do not become one of the victims! Take measures to protect yourself. Listed below are four things to help you recognize and avoid Russian dating scams.

  1. Inconsistencies in Their Profile or Story

Take time to carefully research their profile. It is great to see more than one picture showing different situations. It is normal to ask your online love interest for their current photo, ideally a real photo in real time made with a webcam or a phone. Turn to Google Reverse Image search to see whether they are using a picture that is clearly available online. Search their name in “dating scammer name list”. If their identity is faked or compromised, report their profile to site administration.

Ask them where they are coming from, in which town they went to college, where they love to spend time. Since scammers must invent multiple stories to sound authentic, they might ultimately forget the “right narrative” and give themselves away.

  1. They Want to Communicate Outside of Dating Site

Scammers tend to invite you to chat outside of the original dating site, such as through Facebook, via email, or on Skype. These techniques give them faster access to you and enable them to gather details that they might use to rip you off.

  1. They Are Too Sweet Too Fast

Scammers are masters of saying sweet things—too fast. They must get through a lot of victims, so they want to proceed as fast as possible. They hit you with full-force charm and multiple compliment within a few days. They might even say they feel blue when you are not talking to them to manipulate your emotions. Having someone falling madly for you within a few days tends to signal a red flag.

  1. They Ask You for Money

Your new online love interest might suddenly suffer illness or other accident and ask you for financial help. If not an illness, then they might be feeling love-sick and want to travel to your place. Unfortunately, they have not enough cash for visa and other travel arrangements. Do not get caught in all the fake drama – report the scammer and move on.

Most of the time, you will be able to spot online dating scams by trusting your intuition. We at MyMagicBrides view your safety as our priority—by making our profile registration process extra rigorous and fraud-proof. Click here for more details.

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