How to attract an aquarius woman

Aquarius women have zest, charm, warmth and, at the same time, a certain distance. They are mysterious women. No matter how distanced an Aquarius woman may appear, she is capable of great kindness.

If you want to really know an Aquarius woman, be patient because these women are very selective about the people they socialize with. Do not take it personally when you do not hear from an Aquarius woman for a day or two – she needs her time alone. Love her without smothering her and she will support your dreams—even if they sound unconventional to most other people.

Aquarius women feel attracted to men who are not afraid to be themselves and stand out. Show her your spontaneous side and it will likely excite her.

Advice on what to wear is largely irrelevant here. Aquarius is not concerned with appearances, beyond common sense, while your mind plays a paramount role. These women prefer intellectual partners with whom they can have meaningful conversations. Superficial topics should better be avoided – talk about something that you truly care about.

Aquarius women aren’t keen about rushing into relationships; do not propose marriage after a week of seeing them. Let her know that you care but don’t become a controlling monster. Displays of arrogance will likely repel an Aquarius woman.

Aquarius` Most Promising Unions are with Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius

When Gemini and Aquarius come together in amorous affairs, the couple can bring out one another’s upbeat, breezy spirits. Gemini has soft spot for ideas, and imaginative Aquarius has plenty of them. Although both signs can be overly analytical at times, they prefer light conversation and laughter to emotional melodrama. Both Aquarius and Gemini understand the need for independence very well and can give it to each other.

Aquarius and Libra is one of the astrological chart’s best matches: just two happy-go-lucky Air signs breezing through life with a full register of friends and adventures. It’s double fun together. Excessive emotions, which repel men of Air signs like Libra, are rarely found in Aquarius women. Besides, these women are not hysterical or whimsical, are not sulking because of trivialities. When Aquarius’ charm is added to the equation, the Libra man – who appreciates beauty – will be love-struck on the spot.

It’s important to recognize that above we have explained how to attract a “standard” Aquarius woman. In practice, each Aquarius woman is unique due to other planets in every individual astrological chart. Start exploring real women by setting up your profile at In a safe online environment, you will be able to make all the right steps towards a woman of your dreams.

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