How to attract a virgo woman

Virgo women are a mix of common sense, intelligence and commitment. A woman born under this sign tend to be smart, modest, and talented in many ways. As an Earth sign, a Virgo woman enjoys the material prosperity and views any gift as a blessing, but in no way, falls under the category of overindulged, money-obsessed women. Her family-orientation and motherly instincts are strong, which makes her an ideal spouse and a patient parent.

What She Looks for in a Romantic Partner

Learning how to attract a Virgo woman is an intimidating task for any man, since she tends to stage a facade of indifference. Virgos are looking for a partner capable of giving all the love they need to start feeling safe enough to reveal their soft, vulnerable side. A Virgo will prefer a solid exclusive relationship to having multiple casual lovers. Intellectually dominant and methodical, Virgo women seem to have an algorithm in their mind that their partners must follow. Attracted to intelligent men, a Virgo woman has a strong ability to love, but prefers to wait in sharing feelings until she is ready.

Virgo`s Most Promising Unions are with Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn

Virgo women can have an instant emotional connection with Cancer men, their kindred souls. Virgo and Cancer usually get off to a slow start, but their relationship will only grow stronger over time. Virgo appreciate Cancer’s quiet strength while Cancer enjoys Virgo’s keen intelligence. Both signs will be devoted to each other, no frivolous love here. The Virgo-Cancer love match is characterized by common sense and strong principles over fluff and fleeting connections. Both partners in this union enjoy material prosperity and fancy home life, and are dedicated to working towards common goals.

Virgo and Taurus union makes a classical “lovely couple” – with sophisticated tastes, old-fashioned values and social refinement. Taurus is ruled by hedonistic Venus, Virgo by intellectual Mercury. It’s good to have a rational Virgo woman around to be a voice of reason when Taurus man overspends or heads up for a third helping to the buffet. In private setting, Virgo and Taurus – both Earth signs – can indulge to their sensual side and spend hours wrapped pleasurably in their fine cotton sheets.

Virgo and Capricorn bring out the best in each other. As an articulate speaker, a Virgo woman can help a Capricorn man, who tends to suppress his feelings, out of his dark thoughts. When Virgo’s angsts arise, pragmatic Capricorn brings a useful amount of perspective. Loyal souls, Virgo and Capricorn take care of family members and friends, their cozy home being everyone’s favorite spot that nobody wants to leave. In marriage, Virgo and Capricorn laugh often, which is an admirable cure for these otherwise serious signs.

These and other astrological unions are characterized by constant planetary movements and, in no way, provide rules set in stone. They represent a starting point for exploring the initial common grounds with amazing woman that is privileged to have as members. Set up your profile at and give yourself a chance of finding your celestial – and Earthy – match.

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