How to attract a pisces woman

Pisces women are the zodiac’s dreamers who watch the world through a kaleidoscopic glass. Like rivers and oceans, Piscean women have strong undercurrents in their personalities, so look out for still waters – they cover a passionate, complex soul.

Pisces put a great emphasis on their emotions, intuition, and the world of spirituality. Pisces woman is constantly looking for – and actually finding – a deeper meaning in life. These women maintain a subtle distance keeping others intrigued. Pisces women are givers in a world of takers. To develop a good rapport with Pisces woman, stick to the water element (imagination, feelings and intuition).

Kindle her imagination by speaking with her about anything of a dreamlike nature – your favorite fantasy movie, for instance, or a spiritual topic. It is all about creating a magical ambiance – making it easy for Pisces to become fascinated. As many Pisces women struggle with low self-esteem, they feel drawn to men who can boost their ego. Therefore, a sensibly chosen compliment or a few words of approval can work magic in attracting a Pisces woman.

Never make a Pisces woman commit to fixed arrangements and be understanding if she decides not to show up in the very last minute. Pisces women can also disappear if you act with too much vigour. Play it softly if you want to appeal to a Pisces woman.

Pisces` Most Promising Unions are with Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio

Pisces and Taurus, both pleasure-driven sensualists, usually make a sophisticated and lovely couple. They both enjoy gourmet food, culture and wine. Taurus is governed by Venus, a beauty planet, and Pisces is ruled by captivating Neptune. Taurus man is attracted by charming and gentle Pisces woman, true ideal of femininity. Pisces, in turn, is fascinated by down-to-earth, reliable personality of Taurus. When Pisces and Taurus meet one another, they are unlikely to leave, because in this relationship they find what they both are longing for: stability and fidelity.

For Pisces and Cancer, compatibility is natural. These two most sensitive zodiac signs form a beautiful relationship. Pisces and Cancer constitute a very honest love match – there are no skeletons in the closet for either partner to come across. Reinforced by kind-heartedness, compassion and deep feelings, this union will stand the test of time. Pisces and Cancer appear to have a divine link that nobody can destroy.

It’s critical to acknowledge that the guidelines above on how to attract a Pisces woman concern only the “average Pisces”. In the real world, each Pisces woman is unique due to the presence of multiple planets in unique positions in every individual zodiacal chart. Start real conversations with real women by setting up an account at In a protected online setting, you will be able to do all the right moves to find a woman of your dreams.

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