How to attract a leo woman

You can usually recognize a Leo woman in a crowd – she is the one having the brightest smile, and the most confident posture. Ruled by the Sun, she is sometimes hot-tempered, playful, passionate, and highly dynamic. The lioness also tends to be strong, intelligent, witty and artistic. When in a flaming mood, she is best pacified with gifts and accolades.

Leo woman is a natural leader and she does not seek cheap attention. Quite the reverse, attention follows her no matter whether she likes it or not. Leo woman will stand tall and her cool yet lady-like way of conducting herself will captivate and attracts those men who have enough courage to approach confident women.

What Leo Woman Looks for in a Romantic Partner?

When it comes to romantic pursuits, Leo women are looking for passion, intensity, and an altogether epic affair! Leos are all-or-nothing type of lovers and they do not settle for anything less than a situation when they are the center of their partner’s universe. A very faithful partner herself, she expects her man to be equally strong, loyal and independent individual. In other words, a Leo woman is looking for a fellow hunter, not a caregiver.

Leo`s Most Promising Unions are with Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius

Sparks fly when Leo and Aries meet, let alone when the two start a love affair.  Both signs are dynamic, passionate, and fairly competitive. As Fire signs, both of you need to put your own “dent in the universe” and neither of you will tolerate anyone stealing your shine. That is why you absolutely need to stop competing and, instead, become each other’s biggest supporters and advocates. A Leo-Aries union is never dull, since both of you understand one another’ need to be admired and recognized.

Leo and Gemini might not recognize their compatibility in the early days of their relationship. The reason is that Geminis are driven by the heart, while Leos are usually practical. If Leo and Gemini take their time to develop their relationship, they usually end up making an excellent match. Novelty is a big attraction for both signs, who have a childlike affection for holidays and spontaneous moments. Leo and Gemini keep each other entertained since they share an instinct for avoiding boredom. To avoid pitfalls, a Gemini man should always remember that a Leo woman has a fragile ego and needs to be reassured of her incredible charisma and intelligence.

Leo and Sagittarius, two Fire signs, make a dynamic match.  Both signs have unlimited energy, and are the only ones capable of keeping up with each other’s intensity. Leo is ruled by Sun and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the two planets giving their protégés masculine energy — that is why they understand each other so well. Both Leo and Sagittarius are charismatic, warm and charming. The two have real respect for each other. The greatest vulnerability in this match is offending your Leo, who tends to be sensitive to criticism. Sagittarius should better learn to sing praises, if only to avoid emotional meltdowns on Leo`s part.

It’s important to recognize, however, that we are considering only Sun signs in this review. There are multiple planets, such as Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus, with cycles lasting as long as hundreds of years, whose movements can have even greater effect on someone’s character. Ultimately, everyone is unique. Now that you know how to attract Leo women, you are ready to get to know real, unique and genuine ladies at and start meaningful conversations to find your special someone.

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