Russian bride

This is one of the top questions, asked by many single men from the western countries. So, what are Russian mail order brides and what makes them so attractive and inviting for the men from western countries?

Well, Russian (and Slavic overall) ladies are reasonably popular among western men, who miss true natural women’s charm, femininity and affection. Gorgeous and smart, educated and family oriented, Russian brides conquer men’s hearts and live in their fantasies as perfect, affectionate, clever and beautiful wives-to-be.

Let’s consider the main arguments for marrying a woman with Slavic roots and Eastern culture. These are the answers on the on the top-searched question what is a Russian mail order bride, based on personal experience of men, who have already dealt with ladies from Russia:

  •     How would you describe, what are Russian mail order brides and what were your first impressions from getting in contact with them?- I was surprised by the very friendly and positive tone of the responses I got on my first letter to chosen women. I was sure – a Russian woman is very difficult to approach and even more difficult to start an open conversation.
  •     What makes you want a bride from Russia? What  is a Russian mail order bride for you?- Previously I have heard about exceptional beauty and  femininity of Slavic women, and when I started relationship with my  beloved one I have understood why men are so obsessed with the girls from that country. They have the natural soft attitude to men, they  always look gorgeous, no matter either you go out with her or stay at home, and they value family more than anything else. That is was  I’ve been looking all this time and I have found it with my Russian bride.
  •     What are Russian mail  order brides  expectations and requirements to their potential husbands from abroad?- Well, as many I was quite suspicious of these women, having in mind an idea that they all want rich men and better life only. I was so positively surprised by the loving nature of mail order brides. Believe it or not they all seek for love, reliability  of the partner. They expect you to be educated, have great sense of humor, rather than have a big bank account.

Interviewing many men, who have started correspondence and relationships with mail order brides from Russia, we have got a prevailing thought – these women do not match the negative cliché. You can make it sure by writing your first letter to “her”!

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