Online dating is no longer considered to be something that only the most desperate people who couldn’t get a date in real life resort to, so your chances of meeting your significant other through online services are growing every day. If you want to try your luck and create a profile on a dating website, here are some tips on safe online dating to help you avoid problems and misunderstandings.

  1. Know what to share and what to keep to yourself

Personal information is a valuable asset these days, and rest assured, there are many people who would like to make good use of it by violating your privacy and anonymity. The general rule of thumb here is following: if you think that a piece of information you’re about to publish in your profile might be a little too personal, imagine yourself talking on the phone to a complete stranger. This situation should be familiar to people of all ages and social spheres, so everyone should be able to do it. Do you imagine telling this exact bit of personal info to a stranger and still feeling okay about it? If so, you might go ahead and publish it, but if not, you’d better think twice before posting.

  1. Don’t overestimate your skills with new technologies

If you’re quite tech-savvy, this tip is general knowledge for you. However, if you find yourself unable to comprehend computers and just how they work, this tip might help you avoid some mishaps online. If you’re unsure that your knowledge of computers and the Web (however limited it may be) is enough for safe online dating, you might be better off asking a younger friend, colleague or family member to sign you up on a dating website and show you how it works. If you’re determined to keep your online dating attempts to yourself, you might benefit from reading the FAQ or “Help” sections of the dating website you chose.

  1. Do not disclose any financial information on dating websites

Remember that an honest person who is truly out there to find their love probably wouldn’t ask a stranger they met online several days ago to lend them several hundred dollars. If you think they might do that, you’re probably better off going back to the first two tips. Anyway, it is a very bad idea to tell people on dating websites anything about your financial status, share your credit card information or lend/give them money.

  1. Be careful when meeting your online date in real life

Before you take it to the real life, it is a good idea to talk on the phone or have a Skype video chat several times to make sure that your date is really someone he/she makes out to be. Also, make sure that your first meeting happens in a public place and don’t let your date come to your home, pick you up in their own car, or convince you to come over to their home. Keep it simple and short for the first time, and if you hit it off, there is always more time to meet again later.

Now that you’re familiar with basic safe online dating principles, you may go on and create your first online dating profile!

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