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Anti-Scam Protection Anti-Scam Policy

What is a scammer?

A dating scammer is a person (male or female) that is clearly
not interested in marriage or a relationship, but is actually inter-
ested in committing fraud, essentially trying to get cash from
you, playing on your kindness and credulity, eventually leaving
your heart broken and your wallet empty.

How to recognize a scammer?

Typically, scammers hunt for lonely single men on dating sites, get
acquainted, and then take them out of website. In most cases, they
pull men to traditional e-mail correspondence. When they correspond
outside of the moderated space of a dating platform, they are
free to tell men anything without any risk of getting banned and
blacklisted. This is where they ask you for money to solve some
urgent problems, like a health condition. In most cases, the identity of
the female profile they operate is completely fake with a photo that
was stolen from some social networking platform. Therefore, the first
and most important rule of any dating resource is this:

never send money to anyone

You are safe here

Here on MyMagicBrides, you are protected from scammers as much as possible. We fight with scammers at every step of our proccess:

face-to-face interviews

Women cannot register online and must pass a very thor-
ough interview in the agency`s office to determine their
true intentions. We do not allow enterviews via voice or
video messengers. This method filters out scammers that
work with fake profiles.

documents and background

Before a woman`s profile goes online, we check to see if
she is really who she claims to be, such as whether she is
really single or if she has divorced in the past. This method
filters out women without serious intentions that just want
some spicy online relationships behind their husbands`

verification calls

Several times a month, we will call a woman and ask
her questions about her latest correspondence. This will
consist of some random facts that she would definitely
know if she really wrote the letters on her own. This
method screens out scammers who work with real women as bait.

constant moderation

We have software that monitors correspondence and
alerts our moderators if something suspicious occurs.

reports and investigation

If we receive a complaint about suspicious behavior
from one of our members, we don’t hesitate to suspend
a woman’s profile and conduct an investigation on the


If an investigation determines that a profile belongs to
a scammer, the amount of credits that were spent on
correspondence with that profile will be returned to you.

not a scammer

Of course, after all of those scary stories, you
may be frightened and think that every profile
could be a scammer. However, we assure you
that MyMagicBrides is a place where scammers
have no interest in being, as our verification and
moderation staff members work very hard. A
scammer’s chances of hunting for you here are
clearly not worth the effort.

Be advised, there are situations where you can
be mistaken about a person being a scammer:

In Slavic countries, women
can wear a ring on any finger
of any hand. The ring place-
ment doesn’t indicate her
marriage status in any way.
Woman can have photos on
social networks with her male
friends, colleagues, relatives,
ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands.
Your relationship with a
woman may not develop into
something serious. There are
factors that may make you or
her stop corresponding and
refuse or postpone a meeting.
Consider big-picture factors like
war, revolution, natural disas-
ter, basic life situations or
simply loss of interest.